feel at home

People living outside their home country – in particular refugees – are searching for identity.
Try to imagine you are in a foreign country seeing, hearing or tasting something that reminds you of your home country. You feel the sense of home.
It makes you smile, even if it is just for a moment.



alhamra is a syrian brand. the cigarette is smaller than the common ones.

140617 plakate

in damascus cabs are yellow.
for us it is nothing special, but in beirut it is.
there, cabs have different colors and only the red plate shows it.

140617 plakate

what would it be like, if you see a well known facade of your hometown in the city you are just now?
in front of abandoned buildings images are installed that try to give the sense of home.

140617 plakate

sence of home the other way around,
you are in germany and you hear the sound of beirut.