cultural trojan

The cultural trojan is the result of thoughts that aims to integrate syrian refugees in Beirut. In our opinion the integration of the refugees is as same important as the creation of shelter or the supply of basic needs like water. The idea of the cultural trojan is to initiate a change of view in terms of the syrian refugees. As a kitchen the trojan is moving through the urban space and supply a platform for interaction between the syrian and libanese culture.

Konzept KulturTrojaner

The kitchen is a mirrow of cultural peculiarities and traditions and furthermore a space for interaction and communication. The syrians invite the libanese people. The kitchen and the common meal symbolise hospitility, the open mind of the syrian people and their engagement to rethink about the view on refugees of giving instead of taking.

The following info graphics show the problems of the acceptance and integration of syrian refugees in Beirut, the conflict between syrian and lebanese people and the resulting discussions about employment, increasing costs and stressed infrastructure.



How to build up the cultural trojan?

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