actors for human rights

The project sets up a national network in Germany called Bühne für Menschenrechte, consisting of professional actors and musicians dedicated to drawing public attention to a range of contemporary human rights concerns.

The main activity of the network is touring rehearsed readings of documentary plays, which comprise of first-hand accounts of people whose basic human rights have been violated (especially of asylum seekers and refugees) and who experience oppression as minorities.
These productions are developed based on detailed research and interviews with the protagonists themselves and in consultation with organisations which have an expertise in the issues raised in the plays.

Central aspects of the project is its long term and multiplication effect and its authenticity: through the structure of the organization and the involved actors and musicians it will be possible to develop and perform further productions. As the testimonials of the protagonists will find its way in the theatre plays in a verbatim way, the performances give the interviewees an authentic voice.
Bühne für Menschenrechte follows the model of the UK-based Actors for Human Rights (AFHR) which built within only five years a network of 600 actors and musicians who have performed ten productions within this time in front of several ten thousand spectators. AFHR constantly consults BFM in all important questions.

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