Thinking about refugees, the common image are the tents of a refugee camp. But only one third of the world’s 10.5 million refugees live in camps. Nowadays more than half of the refugees live in urban areas.
There is a great amount of material provided in form of facts, statistics and information about urban refugees. Various organisation have researched the topic. Our idea is to transform this pool of information into a pool of ideas. Therefore we set up, which is a platform bringing together creative people to discuss and to think about the topic of urban refugees. Intended to collect ideas how to deal with the situation of urban refugees and further to establish a pool of idea, we would like to provide people from all over the world and with different backgrounds the possibility to participate.
We think only one solution is not the right answer to various topics. It is necessary to think in different directions. Therefore people of various disciplines and different fields of interest are invited to think about the situation of urban refugees and to expand the pool of ideas we have initiated


physiological needs

need for safety

social needs

 cultural needs

Be part of the project and feel free to add any thought! We are looking forward to your ideas.